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Customized Cargo Delivery – The NIU NQi Cargo Electric Scooter

Cargo has been an important aspect of Mobility across various modes of transportation. However, in Micro-Mobility the major use of cargo has been the handling of freight, mail deliveries, and of course, Pizza delivery! At this critical point in time for our climate, cargo also needs an efficient, sustainable and convenient mode of transport – Welcome to the NIU NQi Electric Scooter.

This Electric Vehicle, the ‘NIU NQi Cargo’ is a competitive mode of transportation amongst other modern cutting-edge vehicles. The Bosch Motor, Panasonic battery and the 50-kmph speed gives it enough range and power to meet your delivery timelines. The range of 130km, with the dual battery version, before a recharge is required makes it outperform all previous expectations. Expect the unexpected with the NQi Cargo – This machine is an exceptional work of modern technology and design.

The Electric Scooter is equipped with a smart dashboard along with a reinforced tailgate, allowing you to install different types of cargo delivery boxes for your different requirements. This means this is a multi-functional delivery scooter. The transformation of urban delivery transport is happening today, with the new custom-built NIU NQi for delivery and cargo.

It has an all-steel chassis with a titanium alloy swing-arm, and hydraulic shocks on both the front and back, marks it out as a strong performing scooter. The durability of the NQi scooter with the customized specifications of the body make this a great option for delivery drivers across Ireland, with its efficient power, ease of use and a knowledge that you are helping the planet as you drive to your destination.