NQi-GT - elion.ie


The NQi GT provides you with a faster ride, further into your city. With a top speed of about 75 km/h, this is probably all the speed you will need while on your urban journeys. What you get is an instant acceleration, all due to the German Bosch partnership, providing a special motor with a nominal power output of 3000W. With a 28% climbing grade and 89% overall efficiency, you won’t find another electric scooter operating at this level. 


Furthermore, it provides three distinct driving modes. The sport mode produces maximum speed and performance. The dynamic mode is perfect for everyday use, whereas the E-Save mode has a longer range, producing greater efficiency. It comes alongside two lithium-ion batteries that are both removable and rechargeable. Being light and portable, they have an excellent range of well over a 100 km. The dual batteries bring with it dual chargers, and you also get a 100+km of range with a 3.5-hour flash charge. With high end design, the charger includes a temperature and water protection feature.


The smart Dashboard displays different colours for different riding modes and speeds to give you a clear picture of how your scooter is performing. The other specification details include user-friendly controls, USB charging ports and retractable footrests. The NIU app is your personal smart scooter manager by letting you check 17 different vehicle status like location, riding history and much more. You can also get access to anti-theft alerts and after-sales service. 

The additional technology features here include auto-off indicators as well as a vehicle locator.  Any movement of the vehicle shall trigger alarms on the scooter and alert messages shall appear on your phone. On a single touch, you can see where exactly your scooter is, all thanks to the precise GPS location.  The 360° illumination ensures you are safer and brighter at night. The CBS braking system reduces stopping distance and ensures a safe break at high speeds. 

With all the best materials in use, it has been built to maximize your comfort and confidence. Fast and durable, it probably has more endurance than all of its competitors in this category. It’s time to test drive the high performing NIU NQi GT!