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Sharing Partners Give Free Rides for Health Care Workers

The world’s foremost provider of smart urban mobility NIU Technologies (NASDAQ: NIU) has set forth that the healthcare workers all around the world, will have the opportunity to have free rides with electric moped sharing partners. These partners along with NIU Technologies are participating in the MOVESAFELY campaign. 

A comprehensive yet simple motive to help the people who are risking their lives for the people. Healthcare officials can simply just download the application and upload hardly any credentials for access to the service. The electric moped sharing service is currently working free of cost until any other further notice. 

NIU has urged to provide safe travels to the health workers, and by the means of their partnership reticulum. Healthcare officials have the ingress of mobility solutions which provides adequate safety. The mopeds keep them at a safe distance from others, keeping in view the Social Distancing, provides them with the mobility enough to go where they are required; saving lives. 

With more than one million electric mopeds moving people all around the world, NIU has been one of the largest providers of smart mobility. Moped sharing operations originated by concordant entrepreneurs are powered by NIU. They would ultimately reshape their cities with modern and smart mobility, to have a clean option such as electric mopeds.