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How much does it cost to charge an electric moped?

a) The NIU UQI series take 4.5 hours to charge and has a range of up to 40km.

4.5 hours charging X night-time rate of 09 cents per kWh equates to 40.5 cent per charge.The daytime cost per charge would be 4.5 hours X 19 cent per kWh equating to 85.5 cents.

b) The NIU MQi+ takes 7 hours to charge and has a range of up to 100km.

7 hours charging X night-time rate of 09 cents per kWh equates to 63 cents per charge. The daytime cost per charge would be 7 hours X 19 cent per kWh equating to 1.33 cents.

Are electric mopeds safe?

All our electric mopeds are safe road worthy vehicles. All mopeds must be fitted with registration plates, insurance and tax are legal requirements. Helmets are mandatory and the mopeds have just enough acceleration to stick with the traffic flow and hold their own on the road in contrast to being bullied into the margins like push bicycles. The communication with other road users is excellent, all mopeds have rear view mirrors, directional indicators, front and rear regenerative brake discs, led headlights, brake lights, all weather tyres and hazard lights. Top speed is 45km.

Can electric mopeds be used for Delivery tasks such as Deliveroo, Pizza Hut, Uber Eats etc

Yes. Our NIU electric Mopeds can be fitted with “Pizza Box” sized delivery boxes. Removable batteries and spare chargers can be acquired to dilute range anxiety.

What are the typical use cases of electric mopeds?

Electric Moped do everything petrol moped’s do. Everything from on demand urban city commuting to zipping around the city to delivery and public sector use such as law enforcement.

Do electric mopeds have normal controls?

A major advantage of an electric moped is that they do not have any gears. The mopeds are extremely easy to drive, the acceleration is delivered from a “twist and go” throttle giving the driver on demand immediate go forward momentum and just enough zip to stick with the traffic flow. There are two speed options, level one is maxed at 20km and level two at 45km. All other controls are like any road worthy moped or motorcycle, led headlights, brake lights, front and rear regenerative brake discs, indicators, horn, cruise control, mirrors, speedometer, and odometer.

Do electric mopeds make any noise?

A major advantage of an electric moped is the significant reduction in noise pollution in comparison to noisy petrol mopeds. You will just about hear the electric Bosch motor as you ride but of course if you need to signal other road users you can do so with the moped horn.

Are your electric mopeds road legal?

Yes. All our NIU mopeds conform to European standards and will come complete with a Certificate of Conformity for your records.

At what age can I ride an electric moped in Ireland?

You can ride a NIU L1e (50cc equivalent) electric moped from age 16.

Do I need a licence to ride an electric moped on public roads in Ireland?

Yes, you need AM category license to drive an electric moped in Ireland.
The automatic moped entitlement on a car license was removed in 2006. Therefore, if you hold a car license issued before October 2006 then yes, you can ride a moped, but if issued since October 2006 then no, you can’t.

If you don’t have a car driving license or AM moped category license, you need to pass a theory test to obtain a motorcycle learner permit and then undertake a 16 hour compulsory Initial basic training course (IBT) to validate your licence before you can ride on the road.

In Summary,
– If you obtained your full car driving licence before October 2006 you do not need to do anything, you can legally drive a moped now.
– If you obtained your full car driving licence on or after October 2006 then IBT training is required.
– If you do not have a car license you must complete IBT training.

Do electric mopeds need road tax, registration documents and number plates in Ireland?

Electric mopeds are road legal vehicles and are required by law to be registered. Road tax is €35 per year and number plates are a mandatory legal requirement just like their petrol equivalents. We provide our own personalised number plate complete with the Lion logo.

Do I need insurance to ride an electric moped Ireland and do I need to wear a helmet?

Yes. Insurance and helmets are legal requirements. AXA and Carol Nash are two insurance companies offering cover for electric mopeds. The average price is from €260 – €400 per year and it is dependent on penalty points, age, driving experience etc.

What range can I expect from a full charge of an electric moped?

This depends on the model of moped and is influenced by driving conditions, driving style, road elevation and temperature. Its advised to store the Panasonic battery indoor during very cold weather to preserve battery health and promote optimum range.

Our NIU UQI can deliver up to 40km per charge with to speed of 45km.

The NIU MQI+ moped is designed for two and can travel up to 100km per charge with a top speed of 45km. Finally, the twin battery NIU NQI GT can cover up to 140km per charge with a faster top speed of 75km.

How long does it take to charge the battery of an electric moped?

This depends on the model and if you are charging them from a domestic 13amp socket or a commercial charging station. However, Panasonic lithium ion batteries take between 4.5 – 7 hours to fully charge but fast chargers can reduce this significantly and some models offer this option. All models offer removable batteries meaning they can be taken into offices, coffee shops etc to top up while out and about if necessary.

How can I tell how much charge is left in the battery of an electric moped?

You are connected to your moped via the NIU app. The app will remotely display remaining battery % and estimated range on your mobile phone. While driving, your moped screen is illuminated with battery and range statistics.

Can an electric moped be fitted with a storage box?

Yes, all NIU mopeds can be fitted with storage boxes and delivery style larger boxes. We have a few sizes in stock and its dependent on moped model and whether you need storage space for one or two helmets or if you just need extra space for groceries, laptop, or gym gear etc.

Do electric mopeds need to be assembled?

Your NIU electric moped will arrive fully assembled with any optional extra’s fitted. The moped will also be registered. You will need to insure it and tax it.

Do electric mopeds need servicing and maintenance?

Electric mopeds have very low maintenance and servicing requirements as there is no combustion engine and significantly fewer moving parts. The German engineered Bosch drive train motor is a market leader. The Lithium Ion Panasonic battery is delivered with a 2-year warranty & 5-year life cycle warranty. Consumable items such as tyres, brake pads and discs will need maintenance going forward. Your NIU moped will give you the option to perform a full diagnostic health check through the NIU app, so you are always informed of any maintenance issues.

Where can I get spare parts and accessories for electric mopeds?

We can supply a full range of spare parts for our electric mopeds, Storage boxes, wind shields, covers, etc. We also stock spare batteries and chargers.

Please email us any concerns or if you have any questions. [email protected]