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REVIEW: NIU MQi+ Sport 100% Electric Moped

The newest model in the NIU M-Series, the NIU MQi+ Sport combines modern style with smart design, and now has space for two. The FOC vector controller and BOSCH motor gives you instant acceleration. Front and rear disc brakes provide a safe riding experience throughout your journey. There is also cruise control and regenerative braking giving you an additional 6% in range. The all-in-one […]



The NQi GT provides you with a faster ride, further into your city. With a top speed of about 75 km/h, this is probably all the speed you will need while on your urban journeys. What you get is an instant acceleration, all due to the German Bosch partnership, providing a special motor with a nominal power output of 3000W. With a 28% climbing […]

Customized Cargo Delivery – The NIU NQi Cargo Electric Scooter

Cargo has been an important aspect of Mobility across various modes of transportation. However, in Micro-Mobility the major use of cargo has been the handling of freight, mail deliveries, and of course, Pizza delivery! At this critical point in time for our climate, cargo also needs an efficient, sustainable and convenient mode of transport – Welcome to the NIU NQi Electric Scooter. This Electric […]

Sharing Partners Give Free Rides for Health Care Workers

The world’s foremost provider of smart urban mobility NIU Technologies (NASDAQ: NIU) has set forth that the healthcare workers all around the world, will have the opportunity to have free rides with electric moped sharing partners. These partners along with NIU Technologies are participating in the MOVESAFELY campaign.  A comprehensive yet simple motive to help the people who are risking their lives for the […]

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Electric scooters and micro-mobility

For thousands of years, the streets were home to vendors and horses at first, to carriages and bicycles later. The design of the electric scooter itself has been around for years, but it was often marketed as a toy. Battery-powered scooters at first, they’re now available with GPS trackers and wireless connectivity. Electric scooter services have stormed from city to city in the recent […]

Change is never easy

With anything in life, real change can seem daunting. The question we often hear in our heads, is ‘Where do I start’. But the key to success in making one of these life changes, is to… Take that first step!  Procrastination can be a killer. As we enter the New Year, lots of people like to set new challenges, new goals and make changes in […]

My Experience on an Electric Moped

Lion Co-Founder Davitt Meenghan took the plunge on the first NIU electric moped in Ireland – Here’s his story! I purchased my Niu N-series in January of 2019 from a motorcycle specialist in the UK, put it in the back of my jeep and drove it back to Ireland – Simple! Seeing as it was the first to grace Irish soil, I named it Columbus. I also knew it […]