My Experience on an Electric Moped

Lion Co-Founder Davitt Meenghan took the plunge on the first NIU electric moped in Ireland – Here’s his story!

I purchased my Niu N-series in January of 2019 from a motorcycle specialist in the UK, put it in the back of my jeep and drove it back to Ireland – Simple! Seeing as it was the first to grace Irish soil, I named it Columbus. I also knew it would be the first of many to grace these shores. 

I had no intention of ever getting on a motorcycle or a moped for many reasons, but now I saw it as a way to make a positive impact on the current climate crisis. I was mainly worried about the safety aspect that came with 2-wheeled vehicles. With an electric vehicle, I was also weary of range anxiety and how the charging would work. I imagined getting minimal range from each single charge. I was pleasantly surprised that a range of up to 100km was possible, with a quick charge option of 3.5hr to charge 80% of the battery. I couldn’t believe how technologically advanced this “Tesla of Scooters” was. My mind was made up and I made the leap.

Learning to ride this electric moped was super easy as it is a simple ‘twist and go’ with 3 modes that limits the speed. I was unsure of how I felt about the 50kmph cap initially but I now see it as a good safety feature. Attaining a moped specific driving licence was also very easy to do. Getting an appointment seemed far easier than getting a car theory test. 

I have noticed massive savings due to 1. No more fuel costs, 2. Low motor tax @ €35 per annum, 3. No VRT on purchase 4. No parking charges around the city, and 5. No Noise pollution in and around my home, these vehicles are perfectly silent!. The main benefit I have noticed however, is the reduction in traffic and travel-based stress as the electric Niu N-series is just great for inner city journeys by being able to beat the traffic and get to my destination on time.

Added Bonus – They are so much fun to drive!