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NIU UQi Series


Purpose built for the city

NIU UQi Series

Purpose built for the city

NIU U-Series
Up To 40km in Range
45km/h Max Speed
Bosch Motor
Panasonic Lithium-Ion Battery
Smartphone App Enabled

The NIU UQi Services is not a simple 2-wheeled electric moped. It is the re-imagination of urban mobility, and your faithful travel partner.

The NIU U-Series
NIU UQi Series

Upgraded Security

The NIU UQi Series’ anti-theft alarm accuracy range has been shortened to only 3 meters thanks to the new MEMS six-axis motion sensor. Using the on-board gyroscope to measure the vehicle’s acceleration and GPS positioning, we are able to more accurately identify an unauthorized movement of your electric moped.

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NIU UQi Series

Over one billion kilometres of riding data

Different driving habits, modes of acceleration, and energy consumption all impact our riding. With our collection of nearly one billion kilometers of user riding data, NIU has successfully uncovered the real-city factors that influence our everyday riding habits. Using 150,000 riders in our study sample, we created a smart electric moped that’s purpose-built for the city.

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Keyless Ignition

The NIU UQi Series is our first moped to use keyless ignition. The U-Series key allows you to remotely unlock your scooter from up to 50 meters away. When you’re ready to ride, simply press the “NIU Logo” button on the key to turn your moped on and be on your way.

The NIU UQi Series

Built for performance


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